Black Out- trendspotting in Austin

Even though it is warming up in Austin, Texas this spring, the color of choice for bottoms and ankle boots is black. Black has always been a choice color for cool people, but usually it is reserved for cool weather. The look I spotted was black ankle boots and black shorts or skirts. Whether it is a leather skirt with high heeled sneakers, black cut-offs with heeled ankle boots, or stripes and motorcycle boots the chicest combo is black and black. This is the opposites of floral for spring which normally happens when the temperatures rise.  When the weather gets warmer the shorts and skirts get shorter. The best way to show off your newly tanned legs is between black short-shorts or miniskirts and black booties that have a lift or heel. The stark contrast grabs your attention. The slight edginess this look instantly adds to an otherwise normal outfit, turns trendsetters from simply another person on the street to someone others want to meet.