Bridgette Bardot: Bombshell

Bridgette Bardot was the best kind of cat lady, a “Sex kitten.” The phrase “Sex kitten” was coined for her when she got her fame in the early 1950’s with an iconic role in a French film “And God Created Women” that put her on the international radar. She was born in Paris and got her first spot in the public eye as a model at the age of 15. Over the years she has been married four times and dated men like Marlon Brando, Mick Jagger, and Sean Connery. I would expect no less from an internationally acclaimed sex symbol. After her film career, she started an animal rights fund and recently threatened to leave her French home to become a Russian citizen over an animal rights issue.

Bridgette is a style icon because of her effortless French chic style. She was among the first to wear a bikini, and it soon became one of her style staples. I don’t know if I should be appreciative or upset that she started this very revealing trend that makes the existence of a “spring break diet” a reality. She also inspired the gingham look. This plaid became a popular fabric in skirts, tops, and of course bikinis. She also gave us the “Bardot neckline” which can be described as a neck that is open from shoulder to shoulder. It is not a deep cut but allows ample skin to show through the wide neck. Her style is classic, but still very sensual. Her iconic look emphasizes her curves and really embodies the blonde bombshell look that became so popular during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Her visits to St. Tropez helped launch it as a style haven for the era.

Bardot inspired the famous Repetto ballet flat, that has fans worldwide. The shoe was created for her by Rose Repetto in the Paris Workshop.

The 1960’s was a time of sexual exploration and freedom. Things that were once taboo became socially acceptable; that translated to the clothing women wore. Showing off ones curves and skin was a trend that went along with the sexual liberation movement and something that Bridgette embodied. Bridgette and her friends, while visiting St. Tropez, were among the first to tan topless. Although most of us are not this bold, many of us have worn something that was inspired by Bridgette Bardot.

The Bridgette Bardot look has been mimicked for years, especially in ad campaigns. Kate Upton, similar pout and curves, is the most recent model to embrace the look for a photo shoot with V magazine. Other photo shoots of models such as Kate Moss, Lara stone, and Gisele Bundchen were inspired by the “Bardot look”. Bardot’s hair had a sexy unkempt bedhead look to it that was a far cry from the tightly styled looks at the time, and served as inspiration for the hair of Erin Fetherston spring 2013 NYFW show.

Bardot has a breezy style that has inspired generations. Her iconic style as a sex symbol will have women dressing in curve hugging styles and that famous neckline for years to come.